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LIVALL established in 2014 and released the world's first smart sports cycling helmet in February 2015. This full- feature helmet was equipped with genuinely smart features which make the rider safer while cycling. Features of this helmet include smart safety lighting, turn-signals, Bluetooth hands-free phone calls, Walkie-Talkie, music playback through your smartphone connection and SOS Alert function. Notably, LIVALL was the first brand to announce and apply turn signals and accident SOS alert. These important innovations were made 2 to 3 years before any other brand in the world.

Currently, LIVALL is expanding its product range from smart cycling helmets, smart commuter helmets and smart ski helmets, to smart helmets for E-Bikes, E-scooters and Electronic motorcycles. LIVALL aims to build a ‘Creative and intelligent Chinese manufacturing’ leading international brand. LIVALL applied and got 180+ global and domestic patents, 58 of which are product invention patents, along with 50 industrial recognized international awards. Notably, it won the ISPO Award's highest honor (the ISPO global design Award - product of the year Award) in 2018. This is the only product in China that has won ISPO's highest honor award. All of LIVALL’s products have passed strict technical and safety certification for users, establishing unparalleled consumer confidence in the products available.

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