About the Lithium Battery

This product is equipped with a battery pack containing 18 lithium battery cells. To ensure safety and performance, please note the following:

1. Do not individually remove and charge the lithium batteries from the battery pack. If the lithium batteries are charged separately and used with different charging voltages, these batteries should not be used together in the same battery pack, as it may cause circuit malfunctions, and even fire or explosion.

2. Follow the charging method provided in the online manual strictly on the LIVALL official website for charging the batteries.

3. Improper battery replacement may result in an explosion, and the batteries contain a small amount of hazardous substances. If you need to replace the battery cells, please replace all 18 cells to ensure consistent voltage.

4. Always purchase and replace the battery cells inside the PikaBoost battery pack with the compatible battery specifications and parameters provided on the LIVALL website.


• If you have any questions about the product installation process or need to replace the battery cells, please strictly follow the instructions provided in the official online manual.

• If you have any questions regarding the use and safety of lithium batteries and the product or require device repairs, please consult LIVALL technicians. They can provide you with correct usage, maintenance, and safety advice regarding lithium batteries.

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